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Puppet Power 1: How to Make Animal Puppets.
REVIEW. First published April 5, 2011 (Booklist Online).
Master puppeteer Michael Moodoo shows how to turn common objects and materials into clever puppets in this title, sampled from a three-volume series. Moodoo transforms a sock and clothespins into a frog; paper plates into a spiraled snake; a black-striped sock and felt material into a zebra; a paper cup, pipe cleaners, and construction paper into a lion; and two juice boxes and an egg carton into a monkey. Dressed in his trademark orange and yellow coat, Moodoo lists the necessary materials (also captioned onscreen). Then, in step-by-step fashion, he cuts the materials and assembles the respective puppets. He carefully explains each step, with good camera work giving kids a clear view of the techniques. Crafters have to know how to draw basic shapes and cut with scissors to make these simple and adorable puppets. Other series titles ($29.99 each) are How to Make Dinosaur Puppets and How to Make Bug Puppets and Friends.


From The PASADENA STAR NEWS - March 11, 2011



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